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  • I like Martin Luther’s polemic about relics: “How many pieces of the true cross are there in the world? How many thorns from Christ’s crown of thorns? How many nails from the crucifixion? There are enough nails to shoe all the horses in Saxony. And if all the relics of the saints were gathered together, there would be enough bones to build a ship and enough wood to boil all the water in the sea.”

    In that sense it’s one of Mary Magdalene’s many heads.

  • Without flights two or three weeks before. For roadtrips we usually only book the first hotel and then decide along the way. For air travel we book 2 or 3 months in advance and then often also do roadtrips using rental cars booking only the first and last hotel in advance.

    The only short vacations I really need to plan long time in advance are multiday bike trips where I want to take a bike on a high-speed train (because there are only few places and they are booked out super early). For example for a Bike-Tour from Innsbruck to lake Garda we had to book the train 5 months in advance.